Use Flags to Reinforce Signage

Drawing attention to your “For Sale” listings is a huge responsibility of real estate agents.  One of the marketing tricks that I like to employ is yard signage.  This concept has been around for a long time, however I do it a little different.  Sure, I use the standard yard sign.  A yard sign is important to indicate that a property is for sale as well as make sure a potential customer has the information necessary to set up an appointment with you.  It also provides important branding reinforcement for you and your brokerage.

Here’s the problem with yard signs.  Consumers have become accustomed to broker yard signs and often see right past these marketing vehicles.  This is especially true for large brokerages or national companies where consumers frequently see a certain sign over-and-over again.  The uniqueness is lost and the sign can be almost invisible to consumers.  What is needed is a tool that is different and will draw a potential buyer’s interest to the property.

The solution I have adopted is banner flags!  I place these in addition to the yard sign.  The flags come in multiple sizes, colors and styles.  Two of my favorites are the pole-mounted “For Sale” flag and the “Open House” banner.  The “For Sale” flag can stay put the entire length of the listing and can be place on the property where the standard flag pole goes.

The “Open House” banner flag I use is only for special open houses.  The banner is 18 feet tall and draws significant attention!  This flag is interchangable with other fabric panels including “For Lease”, “For Sale” and color options.  You can even have these flags custom printed with your marketing message on them.  The flag is held in place by a large metal stake that goes into the ground.  There are also vehicle tire holders where a driveway placement might be a better arrangement.  The banners have a side pocket that a large pole is inserted into the entire length of the banner.  The pole breaks into sections for easy transportation to your Open Houses.  These large banners are very useful for large properties and those on busy streets.  Often, yard signs are lost on these types of property because the size of the property outweighs the signage.  The large scope of the banner flag can draw the attention back to the fact that the property is for sale or that there is an event like an open house taking place at the property.

I admit that this is a bit unconventional, but as agents we are tasked with drawing exposure to our property listings.  What better way to draw attention than a large banner flag?  Car dealerships, apartment complexes, restaurants, entertainment attractions and many other businesses have used attention marketing concepts successfully.  People are not used to seeing these on real estate for sale so you receive the needed attention for your listing.

As with any outdoor advertising vehicle, check with your local municipality to prevent violating any sign ordinances.  In my area, temporary signs don’t need approval, but ordinances vary by location.  Whether placing a permanent “For Sale” flag or a temporary “Open House” banner, try this new idea to capture potential buyer’s attention for your listings!

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