Upnest is a web based service for both buyers and sellers. The service works by matching consumers with real estate agents in their local area that are experts in providing the service the client is looking to accomplish.  An Upnest Advisor speaks with the consumer first and then provides the details to local agents to compete for the business.  The Upnest Advisor stays involved in the selection process and works with the client to select the best proposal.  Upnest is a free service to the client and it appears from Yelp reviews that most clients are very satisfied with the service.

Upnest sends the client information to three to five real estate professionals in the area. You as the agent need to provide a proposal to the client within two days. Upnest suggests that you provide incentives such as commission discounts to win the proposal.

Upnest is looking for certain things in their agent partners. These criteria include:

  • A current license in good standing
  • A minimum of 3 years of active real estate experience
  • Excellent communication skills and responsiveness
  • Have represented at least 6 transactions in the past 12 months
  • A proven sales track record
  • A good grasp of online marketing techniques and strategies
  • Tech-savviness (a strong online presence)
  • Positive online reviews

If you work with an Upnest client you will pay a referral fee of 30% of the transaction to Upnest.  Upnest provides a rebate of $500 to the client to get them to utilize the same agent to buy their new home.  If they use you to purchase a home as well, you will pay a 30% referral fee on that transaction as well.

You can register to be part of the Upnest network by completing your profile.  When you complete your profile, Upnest will contact you to qualify you for the network and provide you with tips to be successful in winning new clients.  Providing a complete profile is critical to success.


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