BPO Companies: Asset Valuation & Marketing

Asset Valuation & Marketing (AVM) is a premier provider of valuation products to investors and REO servicers.  AVM is a woman owned business and utilizes the services of local real estate agents to provide their BPO products.  The company requests BPO reports through their customized website.   The web forms are fairly straight-forward to complete. […]

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Online Property Marketing

Property Marketing Primer: Online

In the last property marketing primer, we looked at the importance of print marketing in an effective property marketing plan.  Print marketing through various mediums is a key foundation to any property marketing or advertising plan.  But, a plan can’t contain just one medium.  An effective property marketing plan needs to contain various mediums targeted […]

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Property Marketing Primer: Print

The cornerstone of real estate marketing is a good property marketing plan.  A well-positioned property marketing plan reduces a property’s days on the market and increases the sale price to owner.   The importance of property marketing is well established in real estate tradition and practice. Exposure is key.  The goal of property marketing is […]

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Ar.drone with indoor hull

Take Your Own HD Aerial Photos and Video with a Flying Drone!

Create your own aerial videos and photos with an ar.Drone 2.0 plane. This innovative product from Parrot has two separate cameras. The unit streams video or photos back to your tablet or phone in HD. It is controlled via an app that allows you to control direction, height, orientation and landing.

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Top 10 BPO Companies

Many agents today are doing broker price opinions to supplement their real estate income.  If you are not familiar, a broker price opinion (BPO) is used by a bank to establish a rough estimate of listing price for a property.  A BPO is not an appraisal.  Broker price opinions require various levels of details including past sale […]

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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, I am on the road all the time.  I have also been a big fan of a paperless workflow and I scan and keep digital copies of almost everything.  Using a number of different computers (office, home, laptop) and mobile devices (cell phone and tablet) was a pain until I […]

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