How Google Drive Helps You To Operate Your Real Estate Business Efficiently

FI_GoogleDriveIn recent years, Google Drive has become a new phenomenon among Internet users. It is a personal cloud storage service that can help you to store and sync digital content on computers and most mobile devices. It also provides an opportunity for you to collaborate with your team when you are working on a project, storing and editing data. You can share documents, articles, or memos with your friends, other agents and clients using its word processing application. A spreadsheet application is also included in this tool box.  With this application, you can share a variety of data such as financial reports, listing inventory reports, or even seller net sheets.

A real estate agent always needs to look for ways to operate more effectively and efficiently, and Google Drive has some great features that can help you to run your business more efficiently. If you are a person who often works with other agents in your team who live in other areas or work in other offices, Google Drive would be perfect for your project. Google Drive offers an easy and convenient way to share information. And by using Google Drive, there are a lot of advantages that your business can get. In a team, good cooperation is needed, and Google Drive is an appropriate means to share information with your colleagues because it can be accessed simultaneously. With Google Drive, you can work on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets with your team in real time. And every time there is a change in the data, you will be notified via Gmail.

You can use Google Drive as the central storage of your real estate business information, and as a backup of your business site or your promotional accounts.  You can grab any document that has been stored, and then you can even edit parts of the document.  You can use your computer, phone or tablet to access documents on Google Drive.

When you save a data file for your business on Google Drive, this data can be accessed by you and your colleagues from anywhere. This way, you and your colleagues can work on the same document even though none of you are in the same place, and all this can be done in real time. Here, you can also customize your documents with multiple options and settings available. Multiple security settings are available for your documents and you can use the read-only setting for your document if you need to secure data. Additionally, Google Drive allows you to keep track of any changes that have occurred in a document, this way you can see the changes that have been made to critical documents.

Google Drive could be a great help for your real estate business.  With Google Drive you can collaborate with your team in real time, create a new document in the Web interface and upload files to your Google account.  You can convert the files into Google’s file format so you can edit them online, and then export the files to standard formats like doc., rtf., .pdf etc. Google Drive also has a feature that allows you to perform advanced searches on specific information in the file.

Learn more about Google Drive by watching this video.

Another interesting feature from Google Drive is that you do not have to save the documents manually, they will be saved automatically. This will reduce the risk of losing your data when you forget to save it. And once you have finished working on your document, you can download them in various formats such as .Xlsx, .Ods, .Pdf, .Txt, .Html, .Csv.

Cloud storage is critical to business today.  Google Drive goes beyond basic cloud storage with tremendous additional features.  A basic Google Drive account is included with Gmail.  The basic (free) account has storage limitations so a more robust Google Apps account maybe needed for those agents with large amounts of storage needs.  If you are interested in increasing you and your teams productivity, a test-drive of Google Drive is in order.

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