Agent Productivity

The 3d words What's Your Plan asking you if you're prepared to implement an idea and strategize a solution for success in achieving a goal or overcoming an obst

Drive Your Success This Year with These Self Improvement Products

Personal success is attributed directly to an agent’s commitment to their personal self improvement and development.  Do you take control of your learning in order to accomplish your goals?  If not, this is the year to begin investing in your success.  Here are some of my favorite business development and self improvement products from award-winning […]

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How Google Drive Helps You To Operate Your Real Estate Business Efficiently

In recent years, Google Drive has become a new phenomenon among Internet users. It is a personal cloud storage service that can help you to store and sync digital content on computers and most mobile devices. It also provides an opportunity for you to collaborate with your team when you are working on a project, […]

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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, I am on the road all the time.  I have also been a big fan of a paperless workflow and I scan and keep digital copies of almost everything.  Using a number of different computers (office, home, laptop) and mobile devices (cell phone and tablet) was a pain until I […]

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