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Property Marketing Primer: Online

In the last property marketing primer, we looked at the importance of print marketing in an effective property marketing plan.  Print marketing through various mediums is a key foundation to any property marketing or advertising plan.  But, a plan can’t contain just one medium.  An effective property marketing plan needs to contain various mediums targeted […]

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Property Marketing Primer: Print

The cornerstone of real estate marketing is a good property marketing plan.  A well-positioned property marketing plan reduces a property’s days on the market and increases the sale price to owner.   The importance of property marketing is well established in real estate tradition and practice. Exposure is key.  The goal of property marketing is […]

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Free Property Flyer

I’ve noticed that many agents have stopped using flyers in the marketing of their listings!  Flyers whether posted in a sign box, at retail locations, in the window of a brokerage or stacked inside of a listing are a good source of information for potential buyers.  They also provide contact information for the agent and brand […]

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Use Flags to Reinforce Signage

Drawing attention to your “For Sale” listings is a huge responsibility of real estate agents.  One of the marketing tricks that I like to employ is yard signage.  This concept has been around for a long time, however I do it a little different.  Sure, I use the standard yard sign.  A yard sign is […]

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