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Why a Real Estate Agent Should Have a Logo

sample real estate logoMost companies have a logo.  A logo helps a consumer to remember the company through the use of graphics, colors and stylized text.  Imagery is powerful and helps a viewer to associate a product or service with where they can get the item.  As a real estate agent, you should consider developing your own logo for your real estate business.

Why have a personal logo?

A personal logo will lend professionalism to your business.  It will also help potential and current clients remember you versus other agents.  Names are easy to forget.  A name combined with a logo can become more memorable to the client.

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A logo is technically an image file.  You can upload the file to your personal web profiles and provide the logo to your advertising partners.  If you design your own marketing materials, flyers, websites or other materials the options to use your logo are practically limitless.

Where can you use your personal logo?

  • Print media including business cards, stationary and note cards
  • Electronic websites such as your personal and company website
  • On social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Newspaper and print advertising such as property flyers
  • In the signature of your email communications

How do you create a personal logo?

If you are creative you can create your own logo image file in a graphics program on your computer.  Another great way to create a logo is through a professional designer or service such as 99Designs or DesignCrowd.  These services allows you to conduct a design contest and get custom logo designs from multiple designers over a one-week period.  Designers compete for your project.  You can provide ongoing feedback on the submitted designs as well as get feedback from friends, family and clients.  Try it now.

Creating your own real estate logo is affordable and easy to do.  Having a real estate logo will enhance your brand and increase your professionalism to your clients.  Use your logo in as many places as possible so that current and potential clients will remember you.  Increased recognition leads to increased clients and more money in your pocket!


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