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Headshot2_10-2015_Small02Welcome to my real estate marketing blog!  My name is Thomas Webb and I was bitten by the real estate bug when I was young.  From a family of real estate agents and investors, I developed a passion for real estate at an early age and have worked to perfect my skills in many different areas of the trade.   I am a licensed residential builder, real estate broker and investor.

Marketing Masters Online is my real estate marketing blog that I utilize to share marketing tips with other professionals that I find affective.  In this blog I discuss marketing concepts that are historically proven and may positively affect your business.  Additionally, innovation is imperative and aligning with innovative practices can build new business with differentiated tactics.

My first goal with this Marketing Masters Online blog is to communicate information.  The second goal is also important–to create a community of real estate professionals that share ideas, communicate best practices and help advance each others business.  Success in the real estate industry is driven through marketing.

Please understand that all real estate markets are different and you should ultimately determine if these techniques will work for you in your market.  That being said there is some commonality especially as it relates to theoretical marketing and innovation strategy.  I am pleased to share my ideas with you.  Welcome to Marketing Masters Online.


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